Oil & Gas 

Complex accounting for Oil Field Companies

ADKF has several tax managers with extensive experience pertaining to exploration and production operations and mineral resource management. We assist clients with simple to complex accounting, income tax, estate and gift tax issues, and address planning needs. These individuals can readily relate to matters too unique to comprehend by others with more narrow experience. Contact us today for a private consultation at no cost to you.

Assistance with accounting and income taxation of oil and gas interests encompassing:

  • Oil and gas mineral interest acquisitions, conveyances and dispositions
  • Accounting for and taxation (income, gift, estate) of mineral royalty and working interests
  • Working interest joint interest accounting and revenue distribution
  • Planning for successive family ownership of mineral and entity interests
  • Financial statement presentation of oil and gas interests and results of operations on tax or GAAP basis methods
  • Audit, review and compilation of financials statement for entities and individuals holding royalty or operating oil and gas interests
  • Working with your attorney in structuring right-of-way payments to obtain advantageous tax treatments when applicable
  • Working with your attorney in the set-up of oil & gas business entities that yield preferable tax treatments when applicable