Retail and Wholesale

operate in challenging environments with ease

Retail and Wholesale businesses often operate in challenging environments with high competition and very thin profit margins. To operate in this rigorous environment, you need a team who has a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and who can anticipate the upcoming challenges in new tax laws and regulations to fully prepare you for the years ahead. Our CPAs have extensive experience serving clients in the Retail and Wholesale industry, helping them navigate through the complexity of complying with such tax regulations as well as providing business solutions to help our clients sharpen the edge they have with their competition.

We work closely with our clients, delivering exceptional service to ensure that all of their accounting and tax needs are met so they in turn can continue providing the highest level of service to their customers. 

We provide a comprehensive solution to solve all of their accounting needs from helping them manage their inventory, creating financial statements, as well as tax services, including providing tax advice, creating year-end projections to plan for the following year, as well as filing their tax returns to stay in compliance with both Federal and State regulations.

Our CPAs at ADKF are committed to providing you with business strategies to help increase your efficiency as well as providing tax planning to reduce your tax burden for the years ahead.

ADKF currently provides the following services for our Retail and Wholesale Clients:

  • Tax Return Filing (State and Federal)
  • Tax Advice and Tax Planning
  • Audit Services
  • Review and Attest Services
  • Financial Statement Compilations
  • Business Planning and Valuation Services