We are excited to welcome two Audit Interns, and one Audit Senior to our staff this summer. We asked them to introduce themselves, and here's what they had to say.

Meagan Esparza

Audit Intern

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"My name is Meagan Esparza. I graduated from University of the Incarnate Word. I have a bachelor's degree (in Accounting,) but am expected to graduate with my master's in December 2020. This is my first internship and I plan on getting my CPA license. I'm really excited to learn all I can about public accounting during my internship with ADKF. I'm lucky to be mentored by such an amazing firm. I was born and raised here in San Antonio and I love American food. My dream vacation would be to go to Bora Bora and stay in an overwater bungalow. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have four children. So, in my downtime I love having family time and doing activities with our children."

John Howarth

Audit Intern

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"I am currently going to UTSA to finish my bachelors and I plan on going back to get my masters as well! After I finish my masters, I do plan on sitting for the CPA. This is the first time I have done an internship, so I am very excited to be here and learn what it's like in the real world of accounting. I think the thing that most excites me about my internship here at ADKF, is getting to learn and grow with a lot of great people! I was born and raised here in San Antonio and love this place so much. I would have to say my favorite food at the moment is Pho, but I am a huge Asian food fan. I think my dream vacation would be to go to England and see what life is like across the pond. A big thing I do in my downtime is watch TV. I am a huge binge-watcher and I try to finish shows within a few days if possible. "

Lily Xie

Audit Senior

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"Hi everyone, my name is Lily Xie. I am a new senior auditor at ADKF… with three and a half years in audit. I worked on banking, healthcare, manufacturing clients and a few employee benefits plans. I graduated with a Master of Accounting degree from The Ohio State University in 2016 and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from University of Cincinnati. I am a CPA Candidate and I am currently studying for CPA exams. My family is very important to me. Their hard work and optimistic attitude in life inspired me a lot. I came to the United States six years ago to pursue a path to accounting. I decided to become an audit professional after obtaining my master's degree. What I love about auditing is the people I work with and the diversity of experiences. As I progressed during the past three years in public accounting, I constantly worked on audits in very different industries. I believe it is a rewarding career path where we help and guide our clients in a truthful way. I have a clear view of seeing myself as a courageous and curious challenger. In my downtime, I love traveling, watching concerts (before COVID), playing board games and hiking, etc. "

Welcome, Meagan, John, and Lily! We are so excited you're here!

We are currently seeking Audit Seniors. If you are interested in the opportunity of joining the ADKF Family, please visit our Career Opportunities page to learn more about our current openings.

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