It’s the beginning of tax season and at ADKF we want to make sure our family, friends and clients do not fall prey to tax scams. The article below from the IRS.GOV, shows what situations you may encounter this season. Here is a list of the most recent schemes, from the article:

Requesting fake tax payments- (IR-2016-99) 

Targeting students and parents and demanding payment for a fake “Federal Student Tax”- (IR-2016-107) 

Sending a fraudulent IRS bill for tax year 2015 related to the Affordable Care Act- (IR-2016-123) 

Soliciting W-2 information from payroll and human resources professionals- (IR-2016-34)

Imitating software providers to trick tax professionals- (IR-2016-103) 

“Verifying” tax return information over the phone- (IR-2016-40)

Pretending to be from the tax preparation industry- (IR-2016-28)  

To read the full IRS.GOV article follow the link: