the SACPA Society's IDEAL 2.0 Program!

We asked him to write about his experience.

During this past summer and fall, I was privileged to be able to attend the San Antonio CPA Society’s Institute for Developing Excellence in Accounting Leadership 2.0 (IDEAL 2.0) program.  The program covered a broad range of topics that taught me to understand what drives others and how to improve my leadership with coworkers and those that I manage. Not only did the program cover how to lead others, but the program also allowed me to learn how to improve myself to be a better leader through organization, self-awareness, and innovation. Some of the different classes focused on the five pillars of leadership, different leadership styles to use depending on the situation, how to communicate better when having a difficult conversation, and how to use motivation and affirmation with those under one’s leadership. A part of the program that was my personal favorite was being able to take a strengths assessment and personality test and compare the results with others in the program. The assessments showed how different people can be in their strengths and personalities but are able to use their strengths and personalities to work with others to achieve goals. Every day there are opportunities for me to apply the information that I learned through the IDEAL 2.0 program, whether by helping others achieve a goal through their strengths or by being more efficient by using the organizational skills that I learned. The information learned through the program will be invaluable in my career with ADKF.