CASA’s Back to School Supply Drive!

CASA’s Back to School Supply Drive!

ADKF is a highly philanthropic organization. We enjoy fostering relationships with our San Antonio community. In years prior to COVID, we would sponsor and attend social events in support of the organizations that give so much to our great city. We are excited to be getting a little taste of that again this year. While COVID has not fully subsided, we are taking great caution while reaching back out to give back to our community.

Each year, we ask for volunteers to create our Volunteer Committee. This year, Marina Helms, Courtney Charbula, Veronica Hinojosa, and Ivan Solis came forward. The committee selects a charity on which to focus our philanthropic efforts. This summer, they chose Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA). On their website, you’ll find CASA’s mission “is to recruit, train, and supervise court-appointed volunteer Advocates who provide constancy for abused and neglected children and youth while advocating for services and placement in safe and permanent homes.”

We had the opportunity to help with CASA’s Back-to-School Supply Drive to benefit the foster children their advocates assist. From July 15th - July 29th we spread the word throughout our building and to our staff, encouraging them to donate money or school supplies. We were so proud to see our staff and building tenants step up and fill our donation boxes. Marina Helms shared, “Working with CASA is a highly rewarding experience. The staff are genuinely nice. The advocates are normal people just trying to make a difference. While there is a huge need for advocates, if you are unable, serving and donating is an alternative option. The back-to-school drive is just one of many drives CASA holds throughout the year. This gives people multiple options for donating and serving.”

In addition to donating supplies and money, staff had the opportunity to visit CASA and give their time helping to sort supplies. Marina stated, “At CASA, they work in a very systematic and well thought out manner. All donated items are dropped off in the back of the main building and stored in the storage room. The items are sorted on an assembly line of clearly marked tables and overflow is kept under the tables by category and used to replenish the tabletop items. Advocates come in to pick up supplies for their children using supply lists from their attending schools. Volunteers can interact with advocates by helping shop for items, offer suggestions for different age groups, and by having general conversation.”

We are proud to see our staff step up and give back to our community. In the end, we filled our conference room with tons of school supplies and raised $1,670 from the staff, including our partner group matching donation. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help CASA and look forward to continuing our give back throughout the remainder of 2021.

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