My Internship Experience

My Internship Experience

My first internship has been with ADKF, PC. After I graduated with my master’s degree, I began searching for internship opportunities I believed would be beneficial for my professional development. I heard great things about ADKF from colleagues in school, and after doing some research on the company, it seemed ADKF would be a great place to intern. They are the largest, locally owned public accounting firm in San Antonio; but the size of the firm seemed to indicate that I wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle and that they would help tremendously in my development.

The internship was much different than I anticipated. I had thought it would be several months before I would have an opportunity to be a part of the engagements; however, ADKF allowed me to participate and assist in these engagements within the first month of the internship. What was especially beneficial was that they didn’t have me just focus on one particular section of the audit for every single engagement; instead, they allowed me to learn about all facets of the audit.  This is something I’ve heard isn’t always the case at other firms. The partners, managers, and seniors at the firm seemed to have a constant interest in my professional development. They put trust in me and pushed me to take on parts of an audit that I had not undertaken before, so I could learn and grow.

When someone is out there looking for an internship, it is important to take the time to learn more about the company and determine whether the company fits with your career goals. ADKF has been that company for me, and I couldn’t be happier with my internship experience.

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