Employee Spotlight: Sarah Goddard

Employee Spotlight: Sarah Goddard

Among the intricate web of administrative professionals, some stand out with their shining experience, accompanied by an unwavering passion for organization and efficiency. Sarah Goddard is a seasoned administrative expert. She has 19 years of experience marked by dedication, adaptability, and a profound love for streamlining processes. She joined the ADKF family in November 2021.

Hailing from the serene region of central Wisconsin, Sarah embarked on her administrative career, armed with determination and a thirst for knowledge. Having graduated with her associate degree in administrative assistant from Mid-State Technical College, she paved the way for a career defined by professionalism and proficiency.

Having a diverse portfolio spanning across industries, including transportation, manufacturing, home health, mental health, and now public accounting, Sarah has honed her skills amidst a myriad of challenges and opportunities. Each industry has provided unique insights, enriched her expertise, and equipped her with a versatile skill set.

It was her husband Aaron’s career opportunity at the San Antonio Botanical Garden in 2016 that prompted her to leave Wisconsin and embark on a new chapter here in Texas. She admits that the weather here is much more to her liking - especially during the winter. I’m sure the Cheeseheads and Badger fans back home will give her some flak for that. Since then, they have made a home together, surrounded by their beloved fur babies. Their household, being a sanctuary of love and companionship, is filled with four rabbits–each possessing their own unique personality–and three dogs.

Sarah, apart from her professional endeavors, is both an active church leader and a proud board member of Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) Heart of Texas Circuit. By serving as her cornerstone, her faith drives her both personally and professionally. It’s this deep-rooted belief that instills in her a sense of purpose and resilience, guiding her through life’s challenges and triumphs.

Sarah finds fulfillment in the art of organization and the joy of simplifying processes for others while serving as an administrative professional here at ADKF. Her dedication to efficiency and her commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to her team and our organization.

What is your go to Karaoke song?

“I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Joan Jett or her back up is Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. 80’s Rock

What is your useless talent?

That’s hard. I guess “quick winking”? My husband can’t wink well so I think that is a skill!

What is one of the most unwanted presents you have ever had to keep?

I got a plaque from my uncle that says, “Greatest Niece” on it.

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