Financial Executive Search

Financial Executive Search

Do you need help finding a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) you can rely on? Are you tired of using recruiters who just send you the first resume to hit their desk? For a fee similar to using a recruiter, ADKF can discreetly recruit for you and perform initial interviews to test the candidate’s knowledge. This will improve your relationship with a CFO you can rely on and will add a level of comfort in your search.

In our search, ADKF will never mention your business name, only the industry and general area in which the applicant would be working. We will interview them at our office or, in these troubling times, via video or teleconference. As with any position in your company, you want the best person for the job, and with our accounting experience we are in the best position possible to determine the knowledge needed and, as you may be a client, the best cultural fit for the position within your business. We will only send you highly qualified candidates who will be able to slot right into any financial position that is needed.

Once we have confirmed the candidate is qualified, we will help setup an interview with you. We typically do this at any of our offices to keep the meeting discrete. We will give our assessment of their skills and even accompany you to the interview if you would like.

Our firm is typically used when discretion is required. If you have an accounting team that would feel slighted or express concern regarding job security upon seeing a job posting, we can alleviate those fears. Even if your accounting team is searching or applying for a new job and apply, they will not be told your business name. We have found most accounting professionals have subscribed to accounting job posting websites, so seeing a non-descript posting will not alarm them to your search.

Please feel free to reach out to an ADKF professional to begin your search. After some initial questions on fees, position, and need, you will be on your way to fulfilling your accounting needs!

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