Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible Work Arrangements

Offering the right benefits to your employees keeps them engaged and motivated. Besides monetary benefits like a competitive salary or health insurance, consider non-financial perks like flexible work arrangements.


Telecommuting or remote working are two options for flexible locations. With telecommuting, employees usually work in the office certain days and work outside the office the other days. Remote employees work outside the office all the time. The benefit of offering flexible locations is that you can recruit talent from all areas, rather than just locally.


Instead of employees working 9-5 Monday through Friday, consider letting them choose the schedule that works best for them. Night owls may be more productive working from 2 pm to 10 pm. You could offer a compressed work week that allows employees to work four 10 hour days. You’ll want to ensure you have proper employee coverage and have employees commit to their chosen schedule.

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