Winners! Kelly Boswell, CPA, Nancy Meza, CPA, and Annette Rocha.

ADKF has some amazing bakers and this year we decided to have a bake-off! In all honesty, we allowed those self-proclaimed “non-bakers” to purchase their treats. No matter what, there were sweets, pies, brownies, and cookies for everyone! Votes were tallied after a long day of sugar highs and crashes, and the winners were: 1st Place, Pecan Toffee Bars, Nancy Meza, CPA; 2nd Place, Butter Pecan with Vanilla Pudding Cake, Annette Rocha; and 3rd Place, Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, Kelly Boswell, CPA. Congratulations to all the winners! But let’s just say, we’re all winners, getting to taste all those delicious homemade and store-bought goodies. Thanks to everyone who participated!

1st Place Winner - Pecan Toffee Bars - Nancy Meza, CPA
2nd Place Winner - Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Icing - Kelly Boswell, CPA
3rd Place Winner - Butter Pecan with Vanilla Pudding Cake - Annette Rocha
So many delicious desserts from which to choose