Personality Tests in the Workplace

Personality Tests in the Workplace

I’m Helpful- What are you?

Recently, after watching this topic swirl around social media, I asked myself “What are these personality tests that everyone is raving about and how do they relate to the working world?” I did some research and was truly intrigued by how knowing personality types correlated to my everyday life and understanding the different traits could improve my communication skills with co-workers. Personality profile tests have spiked in popularity over the last few years as companies attempt to strengthen communication skills among their employees and cultivate more effective and productive working relationships. During my investigation, I found the most popular tests to be The Enneagram and DISC Assessment. The Enneagram, stemming from the Greek words ennea (nine) and grammos (a written symbol), is a nine-pointed symbol that represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. The 9 types are: (1) Orderliness – orderly/planned (2) Helpfulness – helpful and caring (3) Image Focus –impressive and attractive (4) Individualism – unique/different (5) Intellectualism –knowledgeable (6) Security Focus – secure and safe (7) Adventurousness –fun and entertained (8) Aggressiveness – strong and in control (9) Calmness – maintain peace/calm

DISC Assessment is a personality trait assessment tool based on the DISC personality theory of Dr. William Moulton Marston. In the 1920’s Dr. Marston theorized that people exhibit four distinct behavioral patterns based on how they perceive their environment: (1) Dominance (or drive) – relating to control, power and assertiveness (2) Inducement (or influence) – relating to social situations and communication (3) Submission (or steadiness) – relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness (4) Compliance (or caution/conscientiousness) – relating to structure and organization

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