Katherine Deck-Portillo
Katherine Deck-Portillo
Staff Spotlight: Lisa Johnson

Staff Spotlight: Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson’s first career choice would have been in astrophysics, but she has found the world of accounting and technology just as fun and challenging.   She first started with an H & R Block course before deciding to pursue her degree at Del Mar College in 2007, eventually transferring to A&M San Antonio when she moved away from Corpus Christi. Lisa is one course away from graduating with her degree but made the hard decision to put it on the back burner as she focuses on the technology aspects of accounting.

Lisa joined ADKF in 2015 as support staff responsible for scanning documents into the system.  After being here for about a year, the perfect opportunity to show off her talent arrived – the firm was transitioning tax software to CCH Axcess, a program with which Lisa was familiar.  She had helped with similar transitions at previous firms and stepped into a leadership role.  Lisa was the office expert with the new program and with her leadership skills, she quickly went from being the office IT expert into the role of IT Director and System Administratorand in charge of creating an official department.

“I dragged them into the 21st century – kicking and screaming,” as Lisa described it.  She implemented several policies that have improved the firm’s security measures and protection of client’s data.  Clients might be familiar with some of these changes, such as the multi-factor authentication and Portals, but it includes monthly trainings for staff to be more aware of their actions and to prevent any possible hacks.  Additionally, with what is going on in the world today, Lisa’s campaign for utilizing current technology has made it possible for much of the staff to work from home once COVID-19 required the firm to move to social distancing. She has a unique perspective because she understands the workflow of the accountants and how to utilize the available technology to their needs.  

The atmosphere of being yourself is what drew Lisa to ADKF. It’s allowed her to explore her interest in technology and grow her skillset. She has helped design stronger security and privacy policies to protect our clients. We are glad she has made this her home.

Quick Facts

  • NAME: Lisa Johnson
  • Years at ADKF: 4.5
  • JOB TITLE: IT Director

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking

What's a random fact from your childhood?

I've played kickball for fifteen years.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?


What is your proudest moment at ADKF?

Being a representative of the firm at national tech events by being a co-presenter or on a discussion board.

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